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sonali afrin
Apr 13, 2022
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Editor's introduction: This year's Double Eleven event is more than half a month earlier than before, pay the deposit early to catch up with the first buy email list wave of final payment; and then catch up with the zero o'clock of Double Eleven, all kinds of rules are dazzling; NetEase However, Yanxuan chose to launch Double Eleven this year, and issued a document saying that the routine of Double Eleven is complicated; the author of this article shared the "broken window effect" caused by Netease Yanxuan's withdrawal from Double Eleven. Let's take a look. Ding Lei is very patient. Although NetEase's various business lines are not the industry leaders, with a small and refined model, they can play buy email list steadily and steadily. The brightest star in the field. On the evening of November 4th, NetEase Yanxuan released an open letter titled "This year's 'Double 11', we will withdraw from this big drama", the content is very long, and roughly has two meanings - the first half is an exhortation, painful. Chen's double 11 promotion routine is like scolding the two armies before the war. The second half is an advertisement, expressing that he has no routine and only real subsidies, which has a sense of self-pity. In August last year, when Ding Lei talked buy email list about whether NetEase and Alibaba were rivals, he also said that the two e-commerce businesses are in the process of learning from each other. As soon as the Weibo came out, people complained about the e-commerce promotion like the "broken window effect": there are many marketing routines.

sonali afrin

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