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Omar Faruk
Jun 29, 2022
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Answer the Public is a nifty tool that provides content marketers with valuable data about the questions people ask online. advertisement Continue reading below When you enter a keyword, we get popular queries based on that keyword and generate cool graphics with questions and phrases that users use when searching for that keyword. This data enables content creators to gain insight into potential customer concerns and desires and create targeted content to meet those needs. Answer the Public also provides suggestions for keywords with prepositions such as "versus", "like", and "with". This is a great research tool that helps people create better content that they are likely to enjoy and share. 23. Keyword Explorer This keyword research tool provides up to 1,000 keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty scores, CTR dates, and SERP analysis. You can do 10 free searches a month. 24. Keyword planner Google's Keyword Planner is designed for ghost mannequin effect advertising campaigns, but you can use it to research your keywords by seeing how they work in your ads. 25. Keyword sitter yes. You read it correctly. Use this well-named Keyword Tool to get the volume, cost-per-click, and contention data for your keywords. advertisement Continue reading below 26. Keywords everywhere Keywords everywhere Keyword Everyware is a must-have keyword research tool due to its huge list of sites that offer free search volume, CPC, and competitive data. Google search Google Trends eBay Answer the public Google Keyword Planner Bing Etsy Soovle Google Search Console YouTube Ubersuggest Majestic Google analytics Amazon Keyword sitter Moz Open Site Explorer Available in Chrome and Firefox. 27. This tool allows you to put Google Docs into WordPress while preserving the format without extra code. 28. Asked again Find out what questions people are asking about a particular keyword and allow "Also Asked" to create content that answers those questions. advertisement Continue reading below Perform searches by country and in different languages. 29. Google Trends Check Google Trends for your interest in a particular term from the last hour to 2004. Sort by category, country, and search type. View related topics, popularity by region, and the most frequently searched and up-to-date terms and compare them to other terms. 30.Keyworddit Keyword Dit Another great tool for finding keyword ideas is Keyworddit. This is a free tool that procures keywords from Reddit's subreddit and provides context

Omar Faruk

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