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Two Point Five
Apr 13, 2022
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Thus, many sites have imposed a dilemma on visitors: pay a certain amount each month (between 0.5 and 2 euros per month depending on the site) to avoid advertising cookies or accept them and access the content for free. Why do some Consumer Phone List free sites now offer payment? Today, there are many sites that rely on display advertising to generate income, which often represents a significant share of turnover. However, this advertising display is based on cookies, which make it possible to follow the trace of an Internet user from one site to another in order to offer him advertisements in line with his centers of interest. In this way, if the visitor of a site does not accept cookies, this one will be seen displayed advertisements more varied and less precise, which, consequently, brings less money to the sites which post these advertisements. Site editors have Consumer Phone List therefore had to deal with a major change: previously, if a user did not indicate any choice via the cookie consent banner, these were automatically accepted. However, since April 1, if the visitor to a website shows no decision or clicks on the cross to close the banner, his inaction is considered as a refusal of cookies. This is why several sites have decided to set up these cookie walls, ensuring that they avoid too much loss of advertising revenue. What about the legal aspect? When these new banners Consumer Phone List appeared on certain sites, a large number of Internet users were surprised, expressing surprise at the possibility of being able to impose such a dilemma and expressing the feeling of “ having to pay to be protected.

Two Point Five

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