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Babu Islam
Jun 20, 2022
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Done right, it can be your workplace Whatsapp Mobile Number List highlight. A common mistake many people make when reporting results is to repeat the process of everything that has been done to highlight the difficulty of achieving the final result. But, does this really make the boss think you are excellent? The answer is, no! There is a classic Whatsapp Mobile Number List line in the movie "the devil wears prada". When miranda, the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, listened to assistant andy's report on her work, she ruthlessly interrupted her and said: i am not interested in the details of your incompetence. The boss simply doesn't care Whatsapp Mobile Number List about your gushing details. So how can we make the results report brilliant? My advice is to use key figures and stories . If you want to make the numbers more punchy, consider using graphs to present the Whatsapp Mobile Number List information at a glance. In fact, the data is presented rationally, and the story is emotionally moving. Only the combination of rationality and emotion can leave a deep impression on people. 3. Difficulty reporting this is also one of the most troublesome reporting scenarios for many people. On the one hand, when you talk to your Whatsapp Mobile Number List boss about difficulties, you may appear incompetent; on the other hand, when you encounter difficulties and ask your boss for help, you are afraid of being rejected when you ask for resources. In fact, you don't have to be troubled by this. The workplace is not a school, the boss Whatsapp Mobile Number List is not a teacher, and you are not a student to be evaluated. It is inevitable to encounter difficulties at work, otherwise what should the boss do? The role of a boss is to provide resources to help you get things done.
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Babu Islam

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