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Salma Akter
Apr 13, 2022
In General Discussions
In the future, the home improvement industry will enter the new home improvement era from the Internet home improvement era, thus turning home improvement into a new way of life, not just house decoration. The arrival of the new retail fax number database era is becoming more and more obvious. The participation of Internet giants represented by Ali and Tencent in the operation of traditional supermarkets through capital is only one aspect. More, many offline physical stores have begun to upgrade "smart stores". Although the upgraded stores are not much different from the past except for the store name, this trend of embracing new retail has begun to appear more fax number database and more. If we look at the above two ways, it is not difficult to see that the main way for traditional e-commerce to empower new retail is capital and physical operations. Capital is more direct to give money. And physical operation involves many aspects, such as store decoration, technical blessing, etc. Under the guidance of this trend, more and fax number database more industries have begun to join the ranks of new retail empowerment, and home improvement is such an industry. Similar to the evolution of e-commerce into new retail, the home improvement industry is also undergoing an evolution. The author regards this evolution as the process of evolving from Internet home improvement to new home improvement.

Salma Akter

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